Overnight Celebrity

Bent over the counter in the coat check room at the hottest night club in the city, I couldn’t believe the dick that was penetrating my tight pink pussy was that of one of my favorite celebs! I obviously knew who he was but as soon as I got ready to call him Mr. he cut me off and in the sexiest accent said “Just call me Rob” oh boy did I…I never screamed a name so loud. His dick felt so good inside of me I was in a twilight. His hands were soft and they explored every part of my body in a matter of minutes. I wrapped my long legs around him and pulled him into me even more. He bit my neck in the heat of the moment and it made me think of a scene from my favorite movie that he played in. Anymore pressure and blood would be everywhere! I escaped being his latest bite victim but I couldn’t escape his cock. He fucked me harder and harder until he lost control and blew his load all over the coats we were on top of. He slapped me gently on the pussy and told me I just delivered an Oscar winning performance. Well then I’d like to thank the academy and you for that award winning dick you just laid down!

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