Earn your reward!

I love to pick up guys who worships this lushes black cock between my goddess legs! I want to make him serve me. To get on his knees and suck my toes and then paint them a beautiful red. The blow them dry! Mmm Im sure my cock will get hard and ready from such good attention. Then you can kiss little kisses up my ankle and across my thighs. And when you finally make your way up my gorgeous legs… then you can start taking care of my throbbing hard cock! Put little butterfly kisses on my balls. Then start slowly traveling up my beautiful shaft till you get to the big beautiful mushroom head. Now suck it! Wrap your lips around my head and suck that cock till you earn your treat! Suck until that creamy delicious cum shoots out to fill you up. A reward for doing such a good job!  Are you ready to Earn your reward?

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