Give me a shot of that potent cum!

I like that potent cum. I want to stroke that cock. Get your balls full and tight. I am gonna really milk that cock. Then let it down. Hmm. I need a potent load. So I am going to have to really get that cock going. I am going to stroke that cock while I play with you prostrate. That right I am going to slide my finger right in your back door and really work that prostrate. I am going make your cock jump and sing for me. I need you hard for hours to really get that cum creamy and potent! That is what I want. I want some thick creamy cum. And I don’t mind putting in the work to get it. I am old enough to know what I want. I love that cum. And I really love earning it. Trust me. I have been around the block a few times. And this grandma knows exactly what I am doing. I am going to give you’re the creamiest most potent cum of your life. Let granny take care of you.

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