Juicy Gems

Everyone likes a juicy piece of fruit. When you wrap your lips around it you want it to squirt in your mouth. It’s not fresh if it isn’t Juicy. I feel like that about my little pieces of fruit. They are always Juicy. I think it is cause they are always playing with themselves. I never see them with their hands out of there panties. They just want to feel good. And they know to feel good they need a juicy pussy! I have trained my juicy little sluts how to keep their pussies fresh and moist. I have taught them how to tease and please a cock or a pussy. They know how important it is for mommy for them to do their very best! And of course they want to make mommy happy! That is why they are the best little fucks around. Cum feel how juicy their little pussies are! Cum spread them apart and bury your thick hard cock deep inside their tight little pink puss’s. Fuck them like the little whore they are. And then fill them with your cum.

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