Give Me A Ride!

Do you have a motorcycle? I sure hope so because I want to be fucked on one. I don’t know where this fantasy stems from but it will not go away. I’m not going to try and make it stop anymore, I’m going to embrace it and find me a big sexy biker to take me right there on his motorcycle. Maybe while he’s riding. I guess this is me being an adrenaline junkie of some sort. I’m not into boring ass sex. I want fun and adventure whenever I’m being penetrated. A little fear keeps my cupcake moist. Fear of getting caught, getting killed, or whatever, keep it coming. But I bet you won’t have a problem keeping me entertained. I want to see all the tricks you have up your sleeve and then some. Lets discover new kinky fantasies together. We can do all the filthy, freaky, nasty things you been dreaming of. I’m ready and willing to do whatever. The world is our oyster!

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