My Daddy Touches My Private Place

 Yesterday Daddy walked in to my room and saw me. I was doing something bad. Even though my Mommy and Daddy told me to never, ever touch my private place, I couldn’t help myself. Since everyone else touches me down there. I really wanted to see why it was so special. It felt good when people put their hands on me down there. So when my parents went downstairs to talk on the phone for their job, I started exploring. First, I poked the area with the tips of my fingers. It felt wet and sort of soft.  I heard Mommy call it a vagina once, but I heard Daddy say it was called a cunt. He said that to Mommy when they were making a lot of sex noise in their bedroom one night. I accidentally walked in. Oppsies. That’s probably why Daddy walked in when I had my pink panties around my ankles. I was sticking one of my Crayola markers inside and moving it around. That’s how sex works, I think. When Daddy saw me, he started breathing really hard. Then he came over and grabbed my fingers and started sucking them. I don’t know why. Finally, he started putting his fingers where the marker had been, and it felt sooooo good!! Before he left, Daddy told me that my private place was just for him and me. “Okay, Daddy,” I said to him. I can’t wait for Daddy to cum back and play with my privates again!

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