Getting My Body Bikini Ready the Fun Way

adult phone chat big titsI hired a new trainer today. I have a great body, but I slacked all winter long. The only exercise I got was squatting up and down cocks. I wanna make sure I can still turn heads in a tiny bikini. Josh has a home gym, so I met him at his place. Several of my girlfriends use him. They all have amazing bodies too. When I arrived, I was surprised he was not some meathead dude. He was fit, for sure, just not the steroid pumped image of trainers I pictured in my head.

He wanted to put me through some tests. Gauge my endurance, strength and stamina.  I had to take my clothes of first, however, so he could measure my body fat. I felt a little flabby, but I was sure he had seen worse. I was so excited to get started, I forgot to put my clothes back on when he suggested we begin with leg pull ups. My upper body strength sucks, but I still did 15. That’s when things got interesting. As I was holding my legs up for him to count how long I could hold that position,  he started fingering my pussy. Said he needed to ad a level of difficulty to see where I was really at fitness wise.  It was really hard to keep my focus on the position when he had his fingers going in and out of my cunt.

hardcore phone sex submissive slutIf he wanted to work out my pussy, that was fine by me!! He finger banged me for a long time to get my heart rate up, but I needed something more to do that than a few fingers up my pink twat. Funny, he had just the thing to get my heart rate up-a huge cock. He tested my flexibility as he drove his cock in and out of my pussy. Pushed my legs over my head. My huge tits were squashed against my face. It was an awkward position, but his cock felt so good inside me.

Eventually he tested my stamina on one of those yoga balls. I bounced up and down his cock as I tried to hold my balance. It was really difficult. But once he pumped me full of cum, I felt amazing. My heart rate was up. I had certainly worked up a sweat. I stretched out my muscles, including my pussy muscle.  I am really going to enjoy getting in shape with Josh. If I knew I could get this kind of workout, I would have hired a trainer a long time ago.

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