Getting Dirty in the Gym’s Shower

I saw the finest trainer at the gym tonight! I watched him the whole time I worked out. He was my motivation. I did lots of leg exercises, just so I could flash him my camel toe. It wasn’t long before I felt a warm slickness between my legs. I always feel extra nasty when my pussy gets wet. So, I made sure my wide hips were swinging hard when I walked. I was good and sweaty, and juicy wet by the end of my workout. I know there was a wet spot over my pussy, and it wasn’t from sweat… I passed him on my way to the locker room, and he tapped me on my ass. I threw him a smile, and I heard him tell someone, “Now, that’s a sexy NILF bitch! You know, a nigger I’d love to fuck!”

When I got in the shower, I just couldn’t let a wet pussy go to waste! I plunged my fingers deep inside me, as I pinched my nipples with the other hand. I fed myself my sweet and salty juices, then grabbed the shower head. I aimed it at my clit, and threw one leg on the wall. I didn’t care who heard my moans, I only knew that I was a black bitch in heat over the thought of the trainer’s big, white cock thrusting in and out of me.

When I walked out of the locker room, he was waiting to give me his card. He handed it to me, and said, “That was one hell of a shower.” I just grabbed his card, and winked at him.

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