Greek God

I went out Friday and had a blast. I went to a tranny club downtown. It was so much fun! I had guys and girls coming on to me! Their hands traveling all over my body. I felt like such a SLUT and I loved it! I mean LOVED it!!! Then I had this big beautiful Geek God come up to me and ask if I had a big black cock hidden under my dress! I told him he would have to unwrap me to find out! I felt like the bell of the ball when he offered me his hand. He took me straight home to his house. He started kissing my neck. Unzipping my dress. Slowly undressing me. Until he found my big black cock. He was so eager to pull it into his mouth. He sucked my cock all the way down in one big motion. His tongue latched on to my dick like a pro. And he sucked out every single drop of cum I had stored for him! Then I let him fuck like I needed. I wanted to feel him explode inside me and it was sooo worth it!

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