Fun in an Elevator


One day I was on a school trip out of state.  My boyfriend at the time was with us.  Of course we took a bus so he and I sat in the back making out the whole time!  We were getting ourselves all worked up before we got to the hotel.  On our way all we could think about was how we were going to get to fuck when we get to our destination!  We talked about the storage closet, sneaking into an empty hotel room, out by the ice machines we thought of everything.  Then we thought maybe it will come to us when we get to the hotel, all I know is we wanted to fuck bad!!!  Well when we got to the hotel we were about to die of hornyness, lol.  So we were looking all around the hotel for a place to just fuck like crazy.  As we were walking into the hotel and checking in we saw the elevators.  Hmmm that would be an awesome place to fuck!  Now we just have to get separated from the crowd!  Well we waited around until everyone got on an elevator then pretended like we missed it, lol.  Then we got an elevator all to ourselves!  This elevator had mirrors on every side of it and camera’s on top, and we had 20 floors to get what we wanted lol.  When we get into the elevator I couldn’t wait to suck on his dick so I  took his dick out of his pants and started sucking on it.  All I could think about was how fun this is because we could be caught at any time!  Then he couldn’t wait any longer and he grabbed me and pressed me against the mirror, pulled my skirt up and my panties to the side and slid his dick deep inside of me.  OMG it felt amazing, I think this is the best sex we ever had!  We both were so turned on watching ourselves in the mirror.  Plus the fact that security was probably watching us, lol.  I bet they got a good show!!  He was so turned on he couldn’t wait to cum in my little cunny and i couldn’t wait for it either!!!  He shot the biggest load into my cunny and that hot, thick cum felt so good shooting inside of me!  I think that was the biggest load yet!!!  Fucking in an elevator is the best!!!

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