Making noise

I got summoned to the courthouse today. For jury duty. I did not want to spend all day long stuck in the courthouse. I was hoping I would get dismissed after the first round. But that didn’t happen. We had a break for lunch and I stayed behind to talk to the magistrate. We started walking to the elevator together. I told him that there was just no way I could stay for jury duty. The magistrate was pretty firm that there was nothing he could do about it. We got on the elevator together in the doors closed. The elevator started to move and then the lurched to a stop. I was thrown forward right to the magistrates waiting arms. I felt him start to stir against my fingers. And I knew exactly how I could get out of jury duty. I told him how hot I was getting. How I didn’t like closed-in spaces. I took off my jacket and started unbuttoning my shirt. My large round breasts were pressing firmly against my blouse. That top button was just about to pop off. And he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. I kept saying how I just couldn’t breathe. As I slowly unbuttoned my shirt. The magistrate started stuttering. Asking if there was anything he could do to help me. I told him I needed to take my mind off this . I could see his raging hard on, as he was staring at my exposed breasts. Then I walked up to him, dropped to my knees and pulled that massive cock out to play with. He didn’t say a word as I stuck it in my mouth and started to suck on it. Sliding my mouth up and down that long thick shaft. He started making these cute little noises, like a kitten. Then he let out this incredibly loud moan. Almost a shout. And shot his load into my mouth. As I was pulling his cock out of my mouth the elevator started to lurch forward. I quickly buttoned up my shirt. And as the doors came open, the magistrate said of course since I wasn’t feeling well I could be excused from jury duty. So I guess it worked out after all.

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