Fun House

I found the prettiest little house last month and knew I just had to have it! After doing all the paper work with the realtor I received the news that I got it. I was so excited! I went over to clean before moving my stuff in over the weekend. The prior tenets must have left in a hurry because they left a lot of things in the house. At first it was the normal things and then I got to the bedroom. When I walked in the first thing I saw was a sex swing hanging from the ceiling. I have always wanted one of them in my room and I was elated that they had left it. I took out my cleaning supplies and began to clean it real good and knew just who I would invite over for some fun once I was settled. Just thinking about it made me so fucking horny that I had to stop cleaning and fuck myself. When I was done I started cleaning again. In the closet there were several small boxes and a long one in the corner. Going through the small ones there was every kind of sex toy you could imagine. These guys were freaks and the idea of people as sexually active as I am having lived there before was like an aphrodisiac. Of course I didn’t keep any of the toys and took them to the trash pile. When I picked up the long box I was surprised that it was heavy, What could possibly be in a box of this shape? Then I found out. It was a stripper pole. Hell fucking yes! This puppy was getting put up in the living room. I decided to stop for the day and go home to shower and change. I headed for the sex store and found an excellent instructional video on pole dancing. As soon as I was unpacked an settled I intended on starting to learn how to pole dance and I couldn’t wait!

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