Hammin And Jammin

I went to visit a friend of mine that lives in a small country town last year. When she said it was a small town I had no fucking idea how small it really was. The first night I was there we drove an hour to a big city and went clubbing. We had a fucking blast and it seemed like she lived a nice normal life, boy was I in for a big surprise. The next day, a bright sunny Saturday we got up and got dressed and she said we were going to an outdoor concert. I was psyched, it sounded like fun! I grabbed some weed out of my suit case and enough money for drinks and we rolled out. When we drove up and I saw the big banner I looked at her like she had lost her fucking mind. We were at a cow pasture and the sign said “HAM AND YAM FESTIVAL”. Really? What the fuck is this country, back woods, back water bull shit? All I could think of was getting fucking cow shit on my shoes and having to deal with a bunch of Mr Green Jeans mother fuckers in overalls with straw hanging out of their mouths. We got to the gate and she paid for our tickets. To my surprise there were a bunch of sexy ass cowboys in tight jeans, boots and cowboy hats and my pussy started to pay attention. We sat a little way from the stage and the first band came out. It wasn’t bad, a great local country rock band. I noticed people were getting high and the beer was flowing. A couple of joints and a few beers and I started loosening up and enjoying myself. I met a real cool dude with a fabulous ass. We ended up in the back of his “pick ’em up truck” and he fucked my socks off. All in all what I thought was going to be a bust was a lot of fun, and when I got home my city friends got a real kick out of my stories about the “HAM AND YAM FESTIVAL”

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