No Pain, No Gain

My soccer coach told me that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I wonder if that’s how it is with Daddy, too. I always wonder what gets his Daddy dickie going. If only I could feel the roughness of his hand spanking my bare bottom once again! I feel like I’m a bad little girl who needs to be punished, and once my Papa swats me really good, I’ll have learned my lesson and become his special good girl. Maybe my soccer coach can spank me if I ask him. The other day when I was tying my cleats, my friend Janine went over to him crying because she got a cut on her elbow. Mr. Jackson didn’t give her a bandaid or anything at all. He patted it distractedly and told her to buck up. Maybe he meant to say ‘fuck up’ or ‘suck up.’ I’ve heard my Mommy and Daddy saying those adult words before. I don’t know. Maybe I was always meant to be a roughhoused little girl, and my Daddy’s pride and joy. Now if only I could get him to spank me already!

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