Fucked On Frat Row!

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I’m naturally a nymphomaniac, I can’t stop touching myself and cumming hard all day long! I can’t lay in bed and study the way I want to with my cunt throbbing, I’ve been trying to get my cock cravings under control but thoughts of being my brothers little fuck slut are always making me wet. I left my dorm to get some fresh air and ended up walking right over to fraternity row where I saw two guys from my class sitting on their porch. I walked over to say hi and when they invited me in for a drink my cunny started throbbing in anticipation. I sipped a little and got tipsy, before I knew it, I was surrounded by hard cocks and being forced to suck them. They forced me on the bed and started ripping my clothes off, my wet pussy exposed about to be pounded hard. They took turns covering my mouth and sticking their cocks in me deep, making me cum and squirt all over them.

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