Forsake your God and Worship ME

Blasphemy phone sex

I am your religion now and all you think about. You worship at my altar and pray for my blessings. When I bestow the gift of pussy to you, your heart is filled with more joy than you’ve ever felt worshipping your God. Give up your religion and come worship me. Your God can’t fuck like I can, can’t suck like I can or make you cum like I can. Watch me put a hole in a portrait of your deity and how I fuck it good with my strap-on. Now you do it too, so your God has now sucked both of our cocks. No one likes a God that can be used like a bitch. Go ahead and say “God is my bitch and he sucked my dick”. I know you love forsaking him, degrading him and making him nothing. Maybe we can print out more of those portraits and fuck on top of them, all of those sacred images being turned into our fuck bed. 

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