Happy 4th!!


Happy Fourth of July daddy! All this rain has totally ruined plans for a traditional backyard barbeque but maybe we can still put this picnic table to good use. What do you think? I’m already soaking wet in my American flag tank top and cut off shorts. My nipples are poking out. And no I’m not wearing a bra or panties. I want to feel your big heat seeking love missile inside of me while the sky drowns us in its love. You can bend me over the bench while you grab a handful of my wet hair. Ramming your cock inside of me while I scream with pleasure. Nobody can hear me though, it is raining too damn hard. You love this shit. I love every fucking inch! You can fuck me as hard as you want, as rough as you want and my screams will be drowned out by the rain. After that mind blowing sex, I think dessert is only fair. I’ve got some red, white and blue cake for my pussy and nipples. Light a candle and stick it right in my tight hole. I’ll make my pussy squirt and shoot out that candle like a firecracker!  How’s that for fireworks?!

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