The Devil Made Me Do It!

Being possessed by the devil, I have been told, makes you do wild and crazy shit!

I dream about being with my man and using our demonic lust powers to control hot girls, turning them into our filthy sex slaves.

While my man and I slept, a legion of demons jerked their 20 foot long cocks, shooting demonic sperm all over our bedroom, spraying us as we laid in our bed. Our bodies got soaked with their sperm and it seeped into our skin. Once overtaken by the possessed demonic sperm, we transformed and my man’s prick grew 10 feet long. It had a mind of its own and like a radar, located unsuspecting bitches all over town (by smelling their pussies).  His cock lead us to hot girls to fuck. They smelled the possessed scent of  his demon sperm and dropped to their knees and worshipped his evil dick like mindless-nympho sluts.  His possessed cock wrapped itself around the whores’ bodies, squeezing the cum out of their pussies and then forcing itself inside of their holes, ripping them wide open and shooting demonic seed inside of them, possessing them and making them pregnant. Then the sluts passed out in a pool of demonic cum.

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