No More Little Fetus

It doesn’t happen often, we bitches in the club are pretty careful about not getting knocked up. But once in a while we have an oooppps.
It’s been nine long months. Some of the dudes dig fucking a pregnant chick some of them didn’t want anything to do with her. But she finally dropped her load and brought the new member home today.
We girls got together and had this cake made for her to welcome them home. I think it’s fucking awesome looking and can’t wait to dig into it and see if it tastes as good as it looks.
The dudes in the club that have been waiting nine months are lined up and ready to get some pussy right out the gate.
Yeah the fucking docs said to wait so many weeks but our guys don’t give a fuck they are ready to get some of that pussy now.
So it looks like after we eat and have dessert the rest of us will watch the rug rat while she gets fucked for making them wait and for not being careful. Bet they are going to love sucking the milk out of those big swollen tits of hers.
Bet by tomorrow morning she will make sure she doesn’t get knocked up again. If that pussy isn’t sore from spitting out the brat, it sure will be from taking all the cock coming to her tonight.
Glad it ain’t me, but hey such is life here in the club. You gotta be a tuff bitch and take it as it cums.

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