Our Adult Rehersal

We are going to do a Thanksgiving day play for the little ones at the community center this weekend. We have been practicing nearly every evening for a week now. It is going to be worth it because the little ones make our dicks and pussies so wet, even if they don’t know it. But it has taken away from our fun time with each other. so we decided to get together, change the play up a little bit and practice our grown up version of the play. In our version the Pilgrims and Indians share more then just a feast prepared as an offering of friendship and new beginnings. In our version the Indians and Pilgrims share their men and woman and their different versions of fucking. The little ones watch fascinated at both the similarities and the differences. We make sure they see how uninhibited the natives are compared to those of us that came across the ocean and are more proper and respectable in the way we do things. We narrate just as if there are really little ones watching which creates a very erotic adult play for us as we mix our fantasies with our realities. It is definitely a stress reliever and lots of fun. Maybe we will practice again at least once before the actual play.

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