Escape Into My Fantasy World!

It’s your off day right? No nagging or bitching like someone you know? *winks* Today is your day baby!  I’m here, catering to your every want and desire. Sit back and enjoy me from head to toe. I’ve got on your 2nd favorite outfit, the 1st first one being my birthday suit. Let me take you away, and we can explore this fantasy world together. As you feel my hands all over your body I want you to close your eyes and let those good feelings take over you. Feel my cool breath on your neck, making my way down slowly. I’m kissing sucking and licking all over you. Feel me take you into my mouth, your already so hard. I love the way it feels as I push you further down my throat. MmMm baby you taste so good! Let’s continue this good loving on the phone. I know you want to taste my sweet pussy and I want to feel you inside of me. Call me now baby for some hot phonesex!


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