Pay Per Stroke

Not everyone can get in between my legs. I take pride in my power and after all pussy is power baby! I love to tease men and deny them of this beautiful treasure I hide in my jeans. Whenever I do let some one get close enough, there are requirements. Your dick size and your wallet size are two very important ones. I will laugh in your face if your dick is under 8 inches. Can we say size queen? You damn right! I want you to make me squirt, cream, shake and shiver! A simple moan is not enough in my book. When it comes to fucking me, well I’m either on top or I’m on top… either way its going to be a good fucking time! & Your wallet size? Let’s just say your paying me per stroke! Nothing in this life is free, my time and pussy are the most precious!

Rarely do I fuck, but if your money and dick meet my standards I may just let you!

Just remember your Paying Per Stroke!

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