Ebony Freak Mika Controls You

I bet your wife doesn’t know about our time together. How you love to touch all over me and eat my ass until I cant take it anymore. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. I’ll never tell her how I stick my dick deep down in your ass and make you scream like a little bitch. I bet your cock is standing at attention right fucking now. You want me to take control of your body. You want to jack off to me slapping you in the face with my dick over and over again. I know what you like. Your big dick black Goddess is here for your pleasure. I love when you sneak and come to me. You would do anything for my approval and satisfaction. My love rocket is rock hard waiting for you. As a matter of fact; right in the middle of your bed; I want to fuck you so good you wont care if your wife walks in and catches you. You know I’m worth it. My cock needs to slide down your throat over and over again until you are forced to swallow my load.

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