Easter Shopping With The Girls


The girls wanted to have some retail therapy so we decided to go shopping for Easter dresses. They choose the cutest little short, white dresses with pink flowers and grey trim. We picked out pretty pink shoes and little grey purses to match. Seeing them in those little matching dresses made mommy horny. I think I deserve some retail therapy of a different kind at the adult store so that the girls can take care of the predicament they put their mommy in when we get home. Of course since they wanted to be matching and pink and grey seem to be the theme for the day, I decided that everything I bought would match their new out fits and they would model them for me. I found the cutest little pink butt plugs for them and matching grey and pink strapons to start with. Then I saw the hottest vibrator for myself. It looked like it would definitely do the trick and then some. And guess what? It was pink! With our purchases in hand we giggled all the way home. The girls insuring me that since I was so good to them on our shopping trip that they would be extra good to me when we got home. Listening to them talk and plan out how they planned on taking care of their mommy and showing her how appreciative they were made my pussy so wet that I had cum twice before we even pulled into the drive way! I have the best girls ever and mommy/daughter incest family fun is the best way to spend my day with them!

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