Singers are Hot Stuff!

Princess Phone Sex

I love the way you sing to me all the time, so I decided to surprise you with a private show starring yours truly. I know how you love to watch me dance and be silly. I love how you spend all your time practicing and singing to me, so I want you to feel as special as I do when that happens. I have been practicing our song for the past two weeks and I think I have it down pat, and I know when you get home you are going to love it. I hear the door open and I quickly get into position.

When you walk in the room you see me standing there and softly the music begins. I point to the chair so you can sit down and relax. I begin singing and I can tell by the look on your face that you are loving every second of this. I start to take my clothes off and do a little strip tease. I see your cock is trying to break free of your pants, so I lean over and undo your pants. As the song ends I begin to give you a very intense blow job, once you explode in my mouth you carry me to the bed and we fuck like rock stars for the rest of the night!

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