Don’t Cum Before Me


Fantasy phone sex you say. Like when you’re super thirsty and you open the water bottle to squirt it and no water comes out, then you realize the safety plastic is still attached. Seriously it’s the very worst, and knowing men rarely experience but I’m often left out of my big finale. I work so damn hard during each and every scene, to give you everything I have, by the time we are done I’ll either need a snack or a nap. Feel like if you’re going to lay with me you need to leave with a story to tell.fantasy phone sex

I was with him for the first time this night. We had been working together for about 3 years and I had just moved on from the job. I don’t even really remember how we ended up reconnecting, probably some social media site. After a little subtle flirting back and forth, we had finally moved on to texting. We made arrangements to meet each other one night and I showed up with fire in my heart. This man was just picture perfect gorgeous; he had the most amazing eyes. I just had to go with everything he said. As soon as I got inside, I went straight for him. Sitting him on the bed and putting his cock right down my throat. It didn’t take me longer than 3 minutes before I felt him stiffen and cum down my throat. I must say I was proud, disappointed, upset, and amazed all in one breath.

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