Sluts ONLY Get It In The Shitter!

Anal Phone SexIt felt like the perfect time to get this asshole fucked open again since I haven’t been fucked in a few days. I made a quick call to on of my favorite fucks(my mommas man). You all know how much I love taking his cock in all my holes; I couldn’t resist reaching out to him. I was back at my dorm for school already but I knew he wasn’t at work so I thought I could convince him to come pay me a visit before my mom got home from work. So I called him; he seemed annoyed with me which I knew it was because I haven’t called him in a while.

I knew it would take my sweet talk and apologies to get him un-mad at me lol. He told me he felt like I didn’t care about him enough to call him because I wanted to get fucked by other dudes. I explained that I do love being fucked but that doesn’t mean I don’t like him fucking me. I swear he gets so emotional about it; like he really has no place for that considering he is dating my mother. He said “I thought you just wanted to be my whore; but you fuck everyone else and that isn’t right since we made a deal”. We did not make any kind of deal, I told him he can use me whenever he wanted because I love cock. I never told him I wouldn’t fuck other guys; he sounds delusional. 

Anyway, I invited him over to come talk it out with me so we can get on the same page. He came over and we chatted and he just expressed how he thought it was unfair that I fucked his brother more than him and I rarely call him. I laughed and tried to be cute by saying I would never mind if they both fucked me together. He looked at me said “It’s like one cock isn’t fucking enough star; I don’t even know why I still want to fuck you anyway”. I looked at him and ripped off my clothes and said “Because deep down you love that I am a filthy bitch; otherwise you wouldn’t have come over here”. I laughed as I walked toward him watching him get hornier by the second.

He was mumbling shit but I wasn’t paying attention; all I was focusing on was his body movement and his rock hard cock in his shorts. We were face to face and I whispered “If you are so mad at me why don’t you just take your anger out on this hot body that you love fucking”? That doe sure took him over the edge; he grabbed me and lifted me up and sat back on the couch while he made out with me for a while. He was fondling me as he was roughing me up and said “If you want to act like a nasty whore from this point forward I am just going to fuck you like one”. I shook my head and said “Finally, some balls out of you”. Before I could say more he had his clothes off and his hard shaft was out. He stroked it while I was on top of him grinding my sweet ass back and forth.

He then said “Sluts only get my dick up their ass hole; so from this point on I will not be touching your disgusting cunt anymore”. I smiled and he said “Go ahead whore, lower that tight ass on this cock so I can cum in your ass pipe and leave since this is all you are good for”. I agreed and let him ram my shitter out until he blew a load. As soon as he was done he made me suck his cock clean. He pulled on his pants and said “I don’t give a fuck about you for anything but this”. I just looked at him as I sipped my drink and said “If you think I like you for anything else you are mistaken as well STEP DADDY”. He rolled his eyes and said “So whenever I see your name on my phone I will know what you want so just have the door open bitch”. I laughed and he walked right out; at least we are on the same page now!

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