Do You Want Some of This?

Tranny Phone SexLast night I went out to a local club just to check out the action and have a couple of drinks. I really wasn’t in the mood for hanging out with old friends, I wanted to meet some new ones. I enjoy people a lot and try to meet as many new friends as I can. Plus I always like the eliminate of surprise when I tell someone new I am a Tranny. Some people shy away as soon as they learn. Others are completely intrigued and and become quite curious and want to learn more. Then there are those that really are interested and want some of this.

Last night turned out to be a great night, I met someone and usually I don’t tell them up front that I am a Tranny, I love to surprise them later. Well this guy seemed to be so into me so quickly I decided to test the waters so to speak. After I told him he was silent for a moment but then said, I have never been with a Tranny but would love to try it at least once, then he asked if I would break him in gently, I smiled and said of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way. After all if I hurt him he will be turned off and I will have lost a potential new friend.

We went back to my place, I began by offering him a drink, then we talked for a while so I could set his mind at ease. Then I took him to my bedroom and started my giving him a blowjob. Then I moved around to give him access to my cock. It only took a few minutes and I felt him licking and eventually as he got really excited his instincts took over and he was sucking my cock. I didn’t want to shot my load in his mouth on his first experience. So I rolled him over and lubed up his ass really good. Then I eased my cock in and gently began easing my cock in an out.

Before long I could feel him grinding against me and was able to pick up the pace and fucked him a little harder and faster while stroking his cock to keep him hard and excited. I shot a huge load of cum up his ass and it was obvious he was enjoying it. I told him it was his turn to fuck my ass, this seemed to really get him excited! He shoved his cock in my ass with such force I smiled knowing I had him hooked. I knew I had a good friend and we would spend many more nights together. When he shot his hot wad of cum up my ass, he clasped on the bed and said damn, that was the best orgasm ever!

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