Dirty Pole Dancing Party

I had a party to attend today it was supposed to just be a little get together for a friend of mine. When I got there I noticed there was a pole in the middle of the room. Well after a few drinks I could not resist the pole. I went over to it and did some hot dances on the pole and made all the cocks in the room hard. They had no idea what a little slut I am when I dance on the pole. I am a dirty girl on the pole. I like to bend back on the pole and spread my legs wide so you can see all my sexiness. Before long I was in front of some of the men on my knees with my mouth wide open begging for them to put their cocks in my mouth. While they were taking turns fucking my face. I jacked each and everyone off. Wanted to make sure they all stay hard to give me their cum,make me your little cum slut that’s all I wanted. I can never get enough cock in one night. That is just why I like being a stripper so much you see more hard cocks than any other women.

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