Deadly Sweet

DeadlySweetWhen I first heard about “National Cheesecake Day” I thought, how silly. I like cheesecake but I didn’t get having an entire holiday named after it. Then I started thinking I could totally use this to my advantage! What better way to lure in prey with sweets? Sure it’s a bit cliche’ but with my innocent looks and angelic voice, they’ll never see it coming! Of course with something like this I’ll need an accomplice. I have so many special helpers lol! I invited a few neighbors and encouraged them to bring their families. I do like variety after all. My deadly sweet treats looked like something fresh out of a Rob Zombie movie. I told them I was just getting an early start on Halloween but the silence in the room could be cut with a knife. Oh well, the jig is up, giggles. Now it’s time for total annihilation. We rounded them up like cattle to the slaughter. I let my special helper have some fun with the Moms and young ones while I got everything prepared in the basement. One by one they screamed and begged, pleading for their lives. I just giggled at them telling them in my sweet little voice not to worry, they would get their just desserts.

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