Any Dick Will Do (almost)

This creamy white pussy loves a big black cock pumping it hard and deep, stretching it to the max. Ride me hard big boy and show me what that dark chocolate can do!
But this pussy also loves a big white fucking dick that knows how to pound pussy until it is sore and raw and aching for relief.
You see this cunt longs for stud cock. Big, strong cock that will make me feel like I am being split wide fucking open.
I love to have my friends bring their husbands around with puny little dickies and make them watch as a big fucking cock rams into my pussy and ass like a real man should.
I love to stand them right next to each other and laugh at the little tiny penis all pitiful and wanting to grow up and be a real dick.
Humiliating that little dicked fucker and letting him know that he is inadequate and all he can do is watch is as much fun as being pounded by that rock hard cock.
And if the poor fucker is really small, sissy small, little bitty clitty small, he has no choice but to take the huge dick in which ever hole we decide, be it mouth or ass, so he knows what a real dick is all about.
So if you want to fuck and have the goods, by all means lets split this shit wide open. But if you have a poor excuse for a dick, come on by and let me teach you the ways of the real dick!
Either way I have a blast, it is a win, win for me all the way around!

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