It’s A Primal, Animalisitc Ritual

He loves to call and talk to me all day long.
We get high as fucking hell and invite all the neighborhood boys over. They line the room wall to wall and watch me get the shit fucked out of me at his direction. He tells them what he wants and how he wants it while he watches one fuck me and nut in my wet, juicy pussy, while the others jerk their cocks, cumming over and over, waiting for their turn.
He is the master of ceremonies for our Primal Animalistic Ritual. When he is ready he stuffs my cunt with his big boy cock showing them how a real man fucks and then letting them try again.
Sometimes he lets them jack each others cocks and sometimes he even lets them stick their dicks in my mouth so I can suck dick while getting banged all day just for him.
A few weeks ago, simply by accident, one of the boy’s furry friends followed him in the room. No one noticed until the smell of cum and sex became so heavy in the air that the poor little thing couldn’t help but respond in his own way.
Just like the call of the wild nature took over and the drive and desire was to strong for him to resist. The resulting fuck was amazing!
My dear friend loved it even more then watching the boys and when it was over he couldn’t resist sticking his hard cock in me feeling all the juicy cum that was just deposited in my cunt on his dick.
Since then we have had several long days mixing our pleasure for little boys, getting fucked for hours and the furry friends they bring. We even took a field trip to a nice little farm and while the farmer was away we all got to play.
It has been a while since we have had an all day fuck session. Getting high together, staying soaking wet and rock hard and getting fucked like an animal.
Until I hear from him again I spend hours fucking myself to the fantasy of our next time together.

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