You were so animalistic!

Last night was so amazing! You were so animalistic baby, you drove me wild! I was expecting just another quiet evening in with you, I figured we would watch a couple movies and maybe have a few drinks but that wasn’t what you had in mind at all. No, you came in with a gift box in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other and told me to put on what was in the box. I was so happy when I saw those sexy shoes and that net outfit, I knew your cock was going to be rock hard as soon as you saw me dressed in it. You had the wine poured and ready when I came into the bedroom and you had the camera in your hands, I have to admit I was pretty surprised to find out you were going to take pictures but it was making me wet so I happily posed for you. And when you ripped this outfit off my body and rammed your rock hard cock into my tight wet pussy it made me cum in seconds! I love it when you fuck me like I’m a bitch in heat!

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