Demon Succubus Seduction

Snuff Phone Sex

I am the snuff whore who is a demon succubus and wants to drain your balls for all the baby batter you have. And it’s going to be over and over. You see I have slaves that need training to be good breeding whores. I have men with deep pockets waiting on some young sluts who are knocked up. I don’t ask questions, as I find the most fertile men and force them with my hypnotic powers to breed. I steal your seed and then sell the pregnant bitches. Is that evil or what? I don’t just want your seed, I leave you no other choice. There is no fucking saying no to me. My Glock will put 40 rounds in you before you can say SWISS cheese! I’m worse than two lesbians in love who want a family. Every load drop of semen must be put in my pretty little whores! I keep you hooked up to I.V.’s hanging on to life, and Keep forcing teen whores on your dick until they get a nice big cum load. I can’t help it your making these sluts into profitable preggo cows? You ask me what happens to the bitches with barren wombs. Well, They eventually become fish food, Just like you baby! A succubus never stops until her victims are drained dry and disposes of the useless,  drained of all life giving cum, body afterward. 

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