Daddy’s Brat

Cum Slut Phone SexI am such a cum slut for daddy. I love to go into daddy’s room while mommy is away and tell him to pull down his pants. Daddy likes to think he has a choice, but I tell him if he doesn’t do what I say I’ll tell mommy. Daddy pulls down his pants and I hurry up and grab his cock like the little cock whore I am. I am always so hungry for daddy’s cock that I just can’t help myself. I love shoving daddy’s cock in my little mouth and gagging on his dick. Daddy loves to grab my hair and fuck my face with his long thick cock. He pulls me up by my hair and tells me to give him my pussy. I bend over daddy’s bed, and he shoves his thick cock right into his daughter’s pussy. Daddy loves to hear me cry when he fucks me so he slaps my ass so hard so he can see the welts from his hand on my ass. Daddy fucks my pussy until he is about to cum and then he throws me on the floor and cums all over his daughter’s little body.

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