Daddy LOVES My Bald cunny

My Daddy has fucked me my entire life and he’s taught me to be a perfectly submissive whore to be used for his pleasure.  He has very strict rules for me and I make sure I do everything he wants or there are harsh punishments dished out to me.  I have to have a perfectly shaved bald cunny for him to enjoy because Daddy doesn’t want his little Princess to have a dirty, hairy un-fuckable cunny.  I love the feeling I get when I have freshly shaved myself.  I get so wet and horny that I have to go find Daddy and show him what’s happening to my little cunt.  I do this mischeviously because I know if Daddy sees me like this all nice and clean shaven he is going to lick and bite my clit and fuck me like I need and want him to.  Daddy’s cock is my favorite seat in the house, and he lets me sit there anytime I want if my bald cunny is clean!

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