The Beast Within

I’m waiting.  Waiting for you to finally figure it out.  What you want and what you need.  There’s a hunger inside you that’s aching to be satisfied.  Just thinking about it isn’t enough anymore is it? You need to feel it for real.  **Devilish Smile**  My dear, I thought you’d never ask.  Come with me, let’s go hunting.  You need to unleash the beast within and I have the perfect prey set up for you.  I caught our little bunny walking home from school, all alone.  I could practically smell the innocence dripping off her.  It was almost too easy….almost.  Even with her being as innocent and naive as she was, she knew something was “wrong” with me.  I believe it’s the first time the little bitch had ever seen a true demon.  If there is a doubt in your mind that this is true let me show  you dear.  Let me show you the horrifically fantastic things I’m going to do to her body.  She’s out here, waiting for us now.  I told her it was a game of hide and seek.  I suppose the hand cuffs kinda make it an unfair advantage in our favor but no one said I played fair.  You can hear the sweet sound of metallic jangling in the distance.  I practically explode with excitement as we  go racing through the brush towards our prize.  Oh what a sweet prize she was indeed.  The look on her face when she saw our naked bodies dashing towards her was priceless.  However, the look on her face when you harshly dropped her to her knees and thrust your cock down that teeny tiny little throat made me gasp with pleasure.  I slowly circled her, watching you skull fuck her as she gagged, cried and starting turning blue.  The moment is upon us.  You throw the little bitch down on the ground, prying her legs apart as I plop my hot, wet pussy down her face stifling any screams.  I circle her navel with the hunting knife we brought.  You ripped her up from the inside as I ripped her up from the outside.  I opened her from cunt to gullet.  We bathed in the blood as you continued to fuck her cold little form.  Hot, cold, it doesn’t matter.  A fuck hole is a fuck hole.  I knew you could do it.  I knew you would bend to my will and become the evil fucking bastard I always knew you were. 

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