Cum with Emma!

Mutual masturbation porn

There is something very special about Mutual masturbation Porn Sex. Your voice telling me what to do while you stroke your hard cock gets me hot.


Just hearing your voice when I say hello has me hot and bothered. I love our calls! Both of us laying down eyes closed listening to each other as we instruct each other on exactly what to do. Your hands tease your cock, as my fingertips caress my clit. My nipples rock hard and wet from my pussy juices as your hand finally grabs your shaft. Slowly, I insert my pointer finger into my tight little cunt. Matching my thrusting to your stoking slow and steady at first. As we build you squeeze harder and I insert another finger. Hearing you moan in my ear has me so close to cumming but I want to time it so we cum together. Jack it harder for me. Let’s explode together baby.

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