The Grandma needs young cock to make her feel alive! I love teaching a boy how to please a woman. Teach him how to suck my pussy and lick my pussy lips till I cum.  I want to teach him how to uses his fingers and mouth before he ever uses that cock.And I want to teach him how to use that cock just for me!  It brings me such joy to be the first woman to ever wrap my lips around that hard cock. The first one to slowly suck and stroke that hard cock till he is primed and ready for me. And younger guys are so eager to please grandma. So eager to try again and again to make sure this gilf is totally satisfied. And the greatest thing about a younger man… they can almost keep up with me. :0) I mean this woman has needs. And I need a good boy to take care of those need… often and with great vigor And lets face it.. those young ones… have so much Vigor!

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