Cougar On Cue

Cougar Phone Sex


I love being a sexy cougar, there’s nothing as exhilarating as stalking down a young stallion and fucking them into submission. I have all the tools an older woman needs to hunt and slay an inexperienced cock: beautiful face, tight cunt and ravenous appetite for loads of cum.

I went down to the pool hall to troll for some sweet young sack syrup, there’s always plenty of prime pricks drinking beer and shooting billiards, I never leave there without a prized catch.  I posted up at a table by myself but it didn’t take long for a hot and horny frat boy to come over with some quarters and ask if he and his buddies could play with me.  And just like that, I sank the eight ball.

I placed a simple bet with them that ensured my cunt would be stuffed by some twenty something cocks within the hour.  I win, they have to fuck my pussy until I’m done with them, they win I have to please their poles until they were fully satisfied.  Either way, I’m taking some dick!  

I don’t even remember who won the game, we all ended up back at my place fucking and sucking getting our rocks off with each other.  I handled those sticks and balls like a real pro until they busted their hot young nuts all over my rack.  I love being a goddamn, cum craving cougar, but sometimes I have to be a shark. 


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