College Coed Sex


College Coed Phone Sex

I walked into my dorm room and saw the most sexy woman that I had every saw.   She had her back turned around but when she heard the door open she smiled .  My heart stopped for a moment because I had never seen another naked woman.  I was new to college life and very nervous about what would happen. I introduced myself as Shannon and that I would be her roommate this year.  She motioned me to come over and sit next to her on the bed.  She said “it’s okay I won’t bite you unless you want me too.”  I am Susan and I want you to feel good.  I am a nudist so it might take a little to get used to me being naked.

Susan told me that she had a friend Tina coming over and they were going to have a girls night in.  I was very excited and nervous at the same time. In just a few moments Tina came over and gave me a big smile and welcome hug.   I could feel her breasts pressed to my own.   Tina must have felt very comfortable and began taking her clothes off as well.  I felt so embarrassed to still have my clothes on.   The two girls put me in between them while Tina pull me in closer while Susan began to rub her hands over by back and back.  Tina began to kiss me with little kisses all over my face and down my neck.  Susan began to take off my clothes one at a time while Tina continued kissing.  I had never felt this sensation 

Now that we were all naked we sank to the floor as one fluid movement.  Tina opened her legs and with that amazing smile pushed my head down into her hot wet pussy.  I felt so good and knew exactly how to make her happy.   Susan from behind pulled my hips up so I was face first in Tina’s pussy and I felt something enter my pussy.  Susan had a very large vibrating dildo that she had just stuck in my pussy.   The room was so quiet and you could hear only our moans of pleasure. 




    • Jacob Rabbit on March 23, 2022 at 11:55 AM
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    This cock wants sex with horny coeds!

    • Jacob Rabbit on March 23, 2022 at 11:55 AM
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    This cock wants sex with horny coeds in college!

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