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I acted purely innocent and stupid while they both told me they thought I was a star student. I started to slip off my panties and show off my tits as I bit my lip. I told them all of a sudden I just couldn’t understand the material and I needed help remembering. They both took their cocks out of their pants and got me on my knees right away. Both of them told me they had something that could make me remember what I needed to pass class. I smiled as they told me Hardcore ass fucking helps blonde whores remember all the classwork material!

When I started rubbing my clit as they smacked my face with their cocks I saw they devil in their eyes. They wanted to use and violate my body right away. I begged them to show me what happens to dumb bitches who can’t pass a test! They grabbed my head and took turns face fucking me. When their cocks were dripping with my throat slime they slid themselves in my holes and gave me the best DP of my life!

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