Cold Night but Hot Times

Tranny Phone SexI decided to head to Reno this weekend for some fun. The nights there are pretty cold but I always have a hot time. I wanted to go alone and make some new friends. I always love the thrill I get when I am with some fresh meat for the first time and he sees or feels my rock hard 10 inch cock. Well my trip to Reno did not disappoint me. Once I was settled into my hotel room and head down for a few drinks, a little gambling and to scope out the action. I was definitely on a mission to find a hot guy to fuck all night. I was dressed in a tight little skirt and top to show off my sexy little bod and it took no time before several were paying attention to my hot little ass.

There was one guy there I thought was hot enough for my taste and before long we were headed upstairs to his room. Once there I wasn’t disappointed in his reaction when he slipped his hand up my skirt and felt my glorious shaft for the first time. The look of shock turned me on so much I got my skirt up so fast and shoved his head down on my cock and was pumping my cock in and out until I unloaded my wad deep inside his throat.  Then I found his cock and sucked it just long enough for him to get hard before I plunged my cock up his tight little ass hole, he yelped for a few minutes, I could tell his was his first ass fucking but it didn’t take him long to get into it. As I was fucking him I was stroking his cock to keep him hard, I wanted to make sure he felt the pleasure of fucking me in the ass. I exploded with such a load of cum it was dripping down the crack of his ass and off his balls.  He was still hard and I positioned myself so that he could see what I expected next, he grinned and fucked my little ass for only a few minutes before he shot his wad. We both fell to the bed and rested for a while before we started it all over again, he was hooked and I have a new friend.

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