Slutty Submissive Maid For Hire!

So, I am looking for an after-school job.  I need to raise money for a vacay with my friends this summer.  I put ads in the local newspapers and posted numerous ads allover the internet.  I am for hire.  I charge $200 per hour or $6,000 per month, as a live-in submissive maid.  I do windows, dust, iron, I shine shoes, and I run errands-you name it, I do it.  I am an awesome cook too!  Oh yeah, don’t forget about the fringe benefits-I’ll keep your balls empty, your cock hard, and I’ll give you so many reasons to rush home after a hard day’s work.  I’ll be your slutty, submissive maid for hire and I’ll earn my keep Sir. I have an endless collection of tiny, little maid’s outfits, sexy lingerie, nylons, and sex toys.  I love to crawl around on my knees, while I clean.  Do you need a blow job?  I’ll blow out any clogs in your plumbing.  Slavery Phone Sex-I work for tips, and I am always looking for ways to get a raise.  Got any friends?  I’ll clean their houses too!

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