A little bit of this and THAT!!

I had so much fun with a hot man yesterday. He hit on me while I was out jogging in my yoga pants. He looked me up and down and did not realize that I had an extra appendage. He asked me if I was thirsty and wanted me to come on in. I did and he gave me a drink of water. He then asked me if I wanted a little fun a whipped out his GINORMOUS COCK!! I was honest and told this man that I have the same thing. He told me he knew and asked me to get on my knees. I did and took his cock into my mouth. He then told me to strip down and get my huge cock out so he could suck on it. I was so shocked that he wanted to do the same to me that I threw my yoga pants off and let him take my meat into his mouth. It felt like heaven as I rammed my cock into his mouth. He groaned with pleasure as he forced his cock into my mouth and we sucked each other ferociously. His warm cum hit me in the face with such force, that I came right along with him. I am hoping that we will do this again and I know we will!

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