Cheating Fuck Doll

cheating phone sex

I love it when guys send their wives out shopping so they can give me a call for some hot cheating phone sex. She will have no idea that you’re at home talking to me about your most intense fantasies. Things you haven’t even bothered to tell her because she wouldn’t fucking understand them anyway. She would just tell you that you’re weird or that she’s not going to roleplay it out with you. But guess what, baby? I will. And I will make you cum harder over the phone than she’s ever made you cum in person.

You’ll probably even want to stop fucking her. You won’t need to anymore because I’ll have you so sexually satisfied you aren’t going to have the energy to fuck her. You won’t want anything to do with her uptight cunt. You can just keep calling me and telling me how much you want to fuck MY pussy. Your used up old wife couldn’t ever have made you happy anyway, so you might want to just go ahead and divorce her so you can spend all your time and your money on me! 

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