Central Park

I haven’t seen my sexy Brooklyn boy in forever and today he called and wanted to spend some time together. I was so excited I forgot to ask what time and where we would meet before I hung up. I called him back and got all the info and then headed for the shower. My mind in a whirl trying to figure out how to make our visit special and memorable. He is so hot with that accent. My Italian Stallion! I go through my closet looking for just the right thing to wear and nothing looks good enough. Then it comes to me, what the hell, it is all coming off any way, so why wear anything? Fuck yeah he won’t soon forget this afternoon. I throw on my long black coat and hale a cab, my pussy gushing juice. As soon as I get to his door I grab his hand and tell him I want to take a walk in Central Park. We are strolling hand in hand and I am waiting for the perfect kink moment. Then I see him, a homeless guy on the park bench and I know this will be fucking hot. I stand in front of the man and open my coat for my stud. There I stand in all my naked perfection. I grab my sexy, kinky, Italian’s hands and shove one on my tit and the other right between my legs, grinding my cunt into his hand as he finger fucks me right there in the park. Fuck, his dick is rock hard and his face lights up with delight as I pull his dripping fingers out of my cunt and put them in the homeless guys face before laying on the ground behind the bench for my Stallion to fuck me right there! He loves my kinky, deviant ways and I love his hot dick and sexy ways!

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