Carla Loves to Fuck in Dangerous Places

Tranny Phone SexHaving someone suck on my big 10 inch cock is one of the best feelings in life, the only thing that make the experience more erotic is to have my cock sucked in a dangerous place, recently I was invited by this very sexy man to go rock climbing with him, as soon as he asked my thoughts turned to wow, I have never had a blow job while rock climbing, what an exiting and dangerous experience this could be.  Needless to say I accepted instantly!  Once we got to the site and he provided me with my rock climbing gear I took my clothes off so he would get his first look at this huge cock I have. I could instantly tell by the way his eyes opened wide I would have this man sucking on my cock in no time. As we were a hundred feet or so up the rock and he was just below me I grabbed his hair on the back of his head and shoved my 10 inch cock deep down his throat, it was so dangerous that it added to my excitement and I unloaded my huge wad deep into his mouth. Fucking in dangerous places gets my cock so hard!

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