Party Like A Rock Star!

TGIF it’s time to hit the liquor store and get our party on! We’re gonna hit the street and drink our way downtown. I wanna end the night at a strip club, see if I can show these girls what a real party girl looks like. They give it their all, riding those poles like a cowboy at a rodeo. But I’ve got my drink on and step up there with them stripping my clothes off and turning a strip par into a porn bar. No way was anyone there going to stop me from rubbing my hands all over my body and splitting a perfect V on the pole. My clit felt so good sliding it’s way down that hard cool meta. It wasn’t the only hard metal pole in the room either! Every man there had a great big stiff one lookin my way in perfect salute. We accumulate a big group of girls that want to party with us. Let’s show everyone here what it’s like to Party Like A Rock Star!

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