Can’t Believe My Boss Answered The Ad

When I put the add in the personals to make a little extra money I never dreamed it would turn out this way.
I wanted to make a little side cash so I put an ad in the personal page advertising an evening escort service. It was my first call and I thought I recognized the voice but I couldn’t place it.
We talked a while and I set the fee and the place to meet. He sounded nice and told me that he had always wanted to suck cock but had never had the nerve to try it and it was now or never.
I showed up at our designated meeting place, he walked up with a arm full of flowers and a huge but nervous smile on his face that I instantly recognized.
It was the foreman of the plant where I work. I don’t think he recognized me with my wig on since we really didn’t have a lot of one on one contact at work.
I walked him up stairs to the room and he handed me the fee we agreed on with the flowers he had purchased. He was so eager and I wanted to be gentle seeing as it was his first time. I kissed him and soon it was a deep passionate kiss that had both of our dicks hard and waiting. He dropped to his knees and began caressing my cock which he soon freed from it’s confinement, He kissed it sweetly on the head and worked his way down the shaft, All I could do is groan with delight. He was so good at this!
Under my breath I begged him to take me to the bedroom where we could take our clothes off and enjoy each others company. I don’t think we made it to the bedroom before we had all our clothes off and were in the heat of passion.
In the back of my mind I kept thinking “I can’t believe I am fucking my boss!”
It was a glorious night and he was absolutely perfect. I hope he doesn’t recognize me at the plant, and I hope he calls me again!

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